Internet Only Special Offer

Announcing ITS Fiber Internet Only Service!

For years you’ve been told to bundle. Bundles can be good. What can be better?

The “UnBundle” from ITS Fiber! We’ve listened to customers and now there are Internet Only options for everyone: new customers and current fiber or DSL /standard internet customers. It’s time to UnBundle.

Download, print coupon and bring it into our Sales Center or call with coupon code to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Offer ends: 8/1/19 (Ad Code: IOP-0-10)

Internet Only Coupon


Special Bonus: Get a free gift if you sign up for the UnBundle:
ITS Fiber Internet Only service by August 1, 2018. 

It’s time to UnBundle. Contact us today at 597-2111 or

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Fiber Internet Only

  • It’s Fast. Fiber Optic Internet from 200 up to 1000 Mbps**
  • It’s Symmetric. Same upload and download speeds
  • It’s Reliable. Underground connection to your home.
  • Free Wi-Fi and Equipment Set up


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DSL Internet Only

  • Internet from 6 up to 25 Mbps***
  • High-Speed Internet with no data caps
  • Free Wi-Fi and Equipment Set up
  • Reliable, noticeably better customer care



Get up to $10 Off Internet Only Service per month with our coupon offer.

* For first 12 months of service. Requires two-year service agreement. Offer not available in all areas. Other pricing restrictions and conditions apply.
Contact customer service for full details.
**Fiber-optic Internet service and speeds not available in all areas. Contact customer service for availability.
***Internet speeds mentioned not available in all areas. Contact customer service for availability.