Internet - Broadband

Enterprise Level Internet/Broadband
What is a Enterprise-Level Internet?
An Enterprise-Level Internet/Broadband connection is a premium, dedicated fiber-optic path over which data is transported. Many times, it connects multiple locations where privacy or an increased speed of transmission is needed. Branch banking offices and municipal buildings are familiar examples. Enterprise-Level Internet service also means you have 100% guaranteed bandwidth at the speed level purchased (like a T-1 only much faster).
Why use Enterprise-Level Internet?
Time is valuable. Reducing the time required for data or file transmission also reduces the associated costs of employee labor, telephone communication, postage, vehicle insurance, and travel. Any business needing superior Internet performance or frequent computer interaction between multiple locations can benefit immensely from an ITS Fiber dedicated Internet connection.
We take care of all the details.
Our technology team will consult with you to custom design a fiber-optic network connection for your business.This includes everything from consultation to support. We provide set-up, configuration, maintenance, and installation. In addition, when your needs change or your business expands, bandwidth can be adjusted off-site and without expensive upgrade costs.


Our Guarantee

An ITS Fiber dedicated connection guarantees you have the same speed ALL the time - not just a "best efforts" service.
When having consistent internet speed is vital to your company productivity, then an ITS Fiber direct-to-premise broadband connection can make all the difference. With a direct fiber-optic connection, your business receives the speed level you pay for - ALL THE TIME!