About Us

About Us

How Our Roots Help Your Business
ITS Telecom has been in the telephone industry over 60 years - long enough to have seen major changes in technology and savvy enough to have stayed ahead of the curve. We’ve grown from being the local phone company for western Martin County to a forward-thinking communications company. All along the way, we have kept our focus on what’s important: people.  Our legacy of prompt, caring service toward our clients speaks volumes about our dedication to our customers. Coupled with expert knowledge of voice and data technology, we provide the secure foundation for your business communication.
What are ITS Fiber Business Services?
ITS Fiber Business Services are premium communication products offered by ITS Telecommunications Systems, Inc. (ITS Telecom) based in Indiantown, Florida. The company’s 60+ years of serving businesses and residents with state-of-the-art telecommunication service has prepared the way for today's premier business offerings. Through the cutting-edge technology of our 100% fiber-optic network we are able to provide a variety of metro (broadband) connections, network, data center, voice, and cloud services for small to large organizations.
"ITS Fiber is your local source for end-to-end fiber-optic communication solutions."

         - Jeff Leslie, CEO of ITS Telecom


ITS Fiber Other Recent Awards

 ITS Fiber Wins Research Coast Principium Business Plan Contest
Winners Research Coast Contest Winners Research Coast Contest
ITS Fiber was chosen as winner of the 2014 Principium Foundation's Research Coast Business Plan Contest. This win was based on our business expansion plan for our 100% fiber-optic network and addition of data center services for the local area.
Business Expansion Award 2013
BDB of Martin County

ITS Fiber was one of six companies in Martin County to receive awards at the 2013 Business Development Board of Martin County (BDBMC) Business Appreciation Luncheon.

Specifically, ITS Fiber was given the Business Expansion Award due to their recent deployment of their fiber communications network, public-private partnership in Martin County and the launch of the ITS Fiber Data Center.