Meeting Future Needs Now
We’re one of the first to embrace 100% fiber-optic technology - a virtually endless supply of bandwidth delivered at the speed of light all the way to your home or office. ITS Telecom has built the largest underground, facilities-based, privately-held, all-fiber network on the Research Coast. Technology moves fast in today’s world, and businesses know this fact better than anyone. The future is now, with dedicated connection speeds of up to a gigabit per second or more available today through ITS Telecom. We are here to help your business adapt, grow, and roll with the changes. Our fiber-optic network provides tangible benefits resulting from its efficiency and reliability.
Reliable Network
We understand that businesses need more than just speed for their critical communications. You can’t afford to have your network down. Our network uses Ethernet as our core protocol, because it allows the delivery of multiple services over a single connection. Ethernet is a familiar, convenient method of delivery, trusted by industry leaders. Fiber-optics are reliable, non-conductive, and resistant to the forces of nature. Our 100% underground network incorporates a "self-healing" ring architecture and boasts multiple connections to the internet, thereby minimizing the chance of service interruptions.
Looking Forward
We are a company already prepared for the growth of your business. Isn’t that reassuring? With virtually unlimited capacity, the ITS Fiber network can provide more speed and bandwidth scalability as needed. Your business can grow at any pace and be assured that your communication needs will be comfortably met.


ITS Fiber Other Recent Awards

 ITS Fiber Wins Research Coast Principium Business Plan Contest
Winners Research Coast Contest Winners Research Coast Contest
ITS Fiber was chosen as winner of the 2014 Principium Foundation's Research Coast Business Plan Contest. This win was based on our business expansion plan for our 100% fiber-optic network and addition of data center services for the local area.
Business Expansion Award 2013
BDB of Martin County

ITS Fiber was one of six companies in Martin County to receive awards at the 2013 Business Development Board of Martin County (BDBMC) Business Appreciation Luncheon.

Specifically, ITS Fiber was given the Business Expansion Award due to their recent deployment of their fiber communications network, public-private partnership in Martin County and the launch of the ITS Fiber Data Center.