Internet Options

Internet Options

High-Performance Solutions

Internet Bandwidth
Dedicated Internet bandwidth of up to a gigabit per second or more. Our 100% fiber-optic connection guarantees you have the same speed all the time. We also offer symmetric and premium fiber-optic "best effort” Internet services depending on your company's location.
Not available in all locations. Contact 772-597-3423 for more information.
Private IP Networks
A private internet protocol (IP) network is a great way to link multiple locations, increasing productivity by seamlessly sharing data between offices. It is an extremely reliable and secure solution for the transfer of critical, private data.
Special Circuits
Your business is unique. We specialize in creating customized special circuit solutions for data transfer and networking. Fiber-optic bandwidth, T1, DS3, and other circuit types are available, depending on your location and technology needs.
Service and Support 
Our premium support product guarantees 24 hours a day / 7 days a week phone support and same-day on-site response.


Our Guarantee

An ITS Fiber dedicated connection guarantees you have the SAME speed you pay for ALL the time!
When having consistent internet speed is vital to your company productivity, then an ITS Fiber direct-to-premise broadband connection can make all the difference. With a direct fiber-optic connection, your business receives the speed level you pay for - ALL THE TIME!