ITS Fiber Business Services

Fiber Network Advantages

  • 100% Underground
    Our fiber-optic network is 100% underground, protected from weather elements and other above-ground aerial hazards, thereby increasing reliability.
  • 100% Fiber-Optics
    We have no copper in our network, only 100% fiber-optic technology. This makes a BIG positive difference in performance and quality of service - especially when a higher speed bandwidth is needed.
  • Martin County Location
    Martin County is our home. We want to improve our county by providing world-class service to our neighbors. Located close to many private businesses, government and educational institutions, our network is likely nearby - just waiting for your connection!
  • Ring Architecture
    Designed as a redundant ring, our network can "recover from injury" by reversing its path to reach a destination point on the other side if there is ever a break in the connection.
  • Multiple Internet Connections
    By linking to several different Internet service providers, we overcome the risk of possible interruptions caused by any one provider.
  • Secure Data Center
    Our data center is safely located 30 miles inland, at an elevation greater than 40 feet above sea level. During a hurricane or other severe weather, your data is secure with us.
  • Direct-To-Premises Connections
    Unlike competing providers, our fiber-optic cable runs all the way to your business.
  • Makes Telecommuning Possible for Employees
    Economical, high-bandwidth connections can include the option of symmetrical bandwidth (same speed of data upload and download) which allows for excellent work-from-home options for employees.
  • Enormous Amounts Of Data Over Immense Distances
    Along with virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity, our fiber-optic network can maintain high performance over significantly longer distances than copper-based networks.
  • Supports High-Definition Video Quality video conferencing conveys the feeling of actually being in the room with someone. Our fast network paired with high-bandwidth capability allows for minimal latency and clear imaging ...both vital when video is important to your business communication.
  • Easy Upgrades
    Many future bandwidth changes can be done without the need for an on-site visit, making upgrades prompt and efficient.
  • Reaching Surrounding Counties
    If you need to reach a branch office, customer, or vendor in a neighboring county (St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, or Palm Beach), we can install an end-to-end fiber-optic connection between multiple locations.




Treasure Coast

We are the largest,  privately-held 100% underground and 100% fiber-optic network in the Treasure Coast area. This assures our businesses clients the highest quality of service and reliability available.
Find out more about ITS Fiber Business Services by checking out our You Tube Channel videos:

Map View

Using a satellite image of Martin County, Florida, our existing fiber network is shown as a white path on the map. Various extensions off the main path are also shown. These connect nearby areas to the main network "ring".
Our headquarters is located in the southwestern portion of the county, and identified as the "NOC" (Network Operations Center) on the image. The ITS Fiber data center is also housed at our headquarters.