Extended Training Classes

ITS Fiber Cloud University!
Any End User of our ITS Fiber Cloud Voice Phone Systems can benefit from our new extended training classes starting February 25, 2015. Admins will learn about managing the overall system from our web-based portal, receptionists will learn to master advanced features or a new employee can be trained during our hands-on, interactive training sessions.
Read about our core classes below.
                                            Check back for our next available class date, coming next quarter.
Cloud Voice Admin 101
"Managing Your Business Phone Group"
  • Class for Phone Administrator at your company
  • Learn how to program the functions used for all company pones
  • Enhance your knowledge of advanced administrator functions.
Cloud Voice 101
"Understanding Your Cloud Voice System"
  • Class for new or current employees to review basics of a hosted phone system
  • Learn basic call functions of handset (transferring, forwarding, call managment)
  • Learn basic Voice Mail functions and CommPortal (web managment tool)