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Residential Internet Services

ITS Fiber Zymmetric logo

ITS Fiber Zymmetric 

First with Gigabit in our area

Get faster, more reliable high-speed Internet with ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet. Our symmetric (equal upload and download speed) fiber-optic bandwidth connection will give you better, more consistent Internet performance for all your wired and Wi-Fi devices.

Zymmetyric 200

Symmetric Speed 200/200 

Zymmetyric 500*  

Symmetric Speed 500/500 

Zymmetyric Gigabit

Symmetric Speed 1000/1000

(*ITS Fiber is available in most areas. Our standard high-speed Internet is available where fiber has not been constructed yet. Call to determine availability at your location.)

Contact us today to upgrade your Internet!

772-597-2111 or csr@itsfiber.com

Standard Internet Speeds*

High Speed Internet Available  (in non-fiber areas)

Starting at $37.95*/month

3MB 6MB • 10MB • 16 MB • 20MB • 25 MB*

*ITS Standard High-Speed Internet is available in areas where fiber has not been constructed yet. Call to determine speed availability at your location. Internet pricing shown above is for 3MB Internet when bundled with voice service and a 2-year service agreement. See bundle services page for additional information or call customer service at 772-597-2111. 

Internet Service includes: 

  • Up to 5 e-mail boxes (addresses)
  • Up to 1 GB of storage space per e-mail box
  • Individual username, password, and spam settings for each e-mail box
  • Easy online access to your e-mail
  • 24/7 standard domestic tech support, 365 days/year for basic internet and e-mail issues
  • Tech support in both English and Spanish (Se habla Espanol)

Silver and Blue Icon-IT network  Need a Tech Support Plan? Click Here.

Silver and Blue Icon-bundle  Internet Bundles Save you Money.

Why ITS Fiber instead of other provider’s Internet?

  • 100% FIBER OPTIC NETWORK TO THE HOME. This means THE fastest Internet you can get anywhere in this area!
  • Better Internet = Better in-home Wi-Fi experience
  • A variety of high-speed internet options for every need and budget
  • ITS Fiber’s network is secure - 100% underground
  • We provide an advanced GigaCenter Wi-Fi router/gateway for no additional charge
  • We provide a battery back-up unit so less chance of adverse effects from weather or power outages
  • Optional add-on virus and malware protection
  • Fast, efficient, and NOTICEABLY BETTER service from your local company