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ITS Fiber Smart Home System

Advanced Wi-Fi Equipment and Support for your Home Network

As today’s technology continues to advance, almost every device in your home needs a solid Internet connection: computers, smart phones, tablets, TV’s and products like doorbells, 1080 P security cameras, lights and more. It can be frustrating, confusing and expensive to constantly monitor, manage or fix Wi-Fi network issues yourself. That is why ITS Fiber is introducing their Smart Home System.

The new ITS Fiber Smart Home System is the MOST POWERFUL WI-FI SOLUTION IN THE WORLD and it is now available exclusively from ITS Fiber! This premium Smart Home System assures you the best Wi-Fi performance and coverage by providing you a superior gateway known as the GigaSpire.

Unlike typical Wi-Fi routers you find in department stores like Best Buy, the GigaSpire is both a router and a smart home hub. Best of all, it can be managed with voice commands, as it comes installed with Alexa. There is nothing you can buy from a retail store that is comparable with the ITS Fiber GigaSpire.

Benefits of the Smart Home System

  • Powerful Wi-Fi signal from GigaSpire router covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. home
  • Advanced security features ensure your devices and network stay safe
  • System works as a hub for Wi-Fi and other wireless device protocols (Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Voice-enabled Alexa*control features built-in
  • “Always on” artificial intelligence in system to make sure devices perform and connect to network at optimum levels
  • ITS Fiber’s noticeably better customer service included
  • ITS Fiber’s state-of-the-art Wi-Fi management system to troubleshoot issues
  • Easy-to-use Smart Home Mobile App available to manage, set, or view many Wi-Fi features.

*System will eventually be expanded to have Google Home capability as well.

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Want the most powerful Wi-Fi in the world?

Then add our Smart Home System
to your ITS Fiber Internet or Bundle today!


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ITS Fiber Smart Home System Only $19.95/month*

(Plus Professional Set up/Activation Fee)


Smart Home System Includes:

GigaSpire - World’s most powerful router and Smart Home Hub Built-in Alexa Voice Recognition. 

  • Latest Wi-Fi 6 technology capable
  • Universal Support of Devices - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave
  • Unmatched Wi-Fi Coverage to every corner of your home
  • Fast Wi-Fi to your smart devices
  • Enhanced Security Built-in

Professional Set up/Install and Activation *

GigaCenter ONT (optical network terminal)**

  • Connected to the ITS Fiber Network

Remote Support -Rapid and Friendly Customer Service

  • Complex Wi-Fi issues generally remedied in minutes by first Customer Experience Representative on call.

Free Smart Home App

  •  See connectivity of your Wi-Fi Devices
  • Self-troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues
  • Set up and Manage Guest Networks

Call-Out Support and Repair

  • Free Technician Service Calls to identify/diagnose Wi-Fi, phone, or Internet issues that can’t be resolved by remote support***
  • Repair of inside wiring/cables and jacks for both phone and Internet
  • Free repair or replacement of ITS owned equipment (GigaCenter and GigaSpire) found to be defective.

Call us at 772-597-2111 

* $199 fee for professional install and set up of GigaSpire including connecting current Wi-Fi devices.

** Installed for new fiber customers or fiber customers who have not been upgraded to this ONT (optical network terminal)

*** Does not include cost for repairs to customer-owned devices or computers. Technician calls to customer premise must be made during normal business hours. Other terms and conditions apply. contact customer service or click here for full details.