Battery Backup and Battery Maintenance Plan

Customers with Fiber Services

Battery Backup (BBU) Maintenance Plan

To ensure our customers on fiber-optic services have the most consistent Voice service possible, we install, monitor and maintain a Battery Backup Unit so your phone services over fiber-optic cable continue to work properly if the power goes out. We do this for a number of reasons: one, being the frequent power surges and outages that occur in our South Florida climate and two, because it helps protect the equipment and router used to provide your services. To cover this on-going maintenance, we charge a modest maintenance fee ($1.95 per month) to install, monitor and maintain/replace a battery backup unit and the replacement batteries if needed.

You are not required to have ITS Fiber maintain the unit and replace your batteries or to pay the monthly maintenance fee. You can choose to opt-out of the monthly BBU Maintenance Plan. However, should a battery need replaced, you would be responsible for paying the full price of the replacement battery from ITS Fiber at the current retail price (presently $29.95 for an 8-hour battery, $179.95 for a 24-hour battery). There would be additional installation fees to have an ITS Technician come to your home to replace the battery. The default battery we install lasts for eight hours after a power outage occurs. You also have the option of upgrading to a battery that lasts 24 hours after a power outage.

Precision Power and CyberPower Backup Units

 Actual models may vary.

Current BBU Maintenance Plan Fees: 

$1.95/month - 8-hour battery
$5.95/month - 24-hour battery

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February 13, 2019 (UPDATE)


Question Mark Icon  What is the BBU Maintenance Plan? 

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silver icon - A The fee is to cover your Battery Backup Unit’s on going maintenance, upgrades and battery replacement.

silver icon - A There are two options for fee/plan: (1) $1.95/mo. for a unit that lasts 8-hours in a power outage or (2) $5.95 per month for a unit that lasts 24-hours in a power outage.

silver icon - A This applies to customers with fiber-optic phone and Internet service, not to those on copper-based services.

Question Mark Icon  Why is this being charged? 

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silver icon - A The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) made new rulings in December of 2015 that phone companies that supply fiber-optic based phone services are required to offer an 8-hour battery backup option to customers who request it. This allows for your fiber phone service to continue to function properly during a power outage for 8 hours.  As of February 13, 2019 we are now required to provide the option of an upgraded unit with a battery that can last 24-hours after a power outage. Additionally, the FCC has ruled that the cost responsibility for installation, maintenance and batteries of these units lies with the consumer, not with providers like ITS.

silver icon - A To ensure our fiber customers have the most consistent voice service possible, we install an 8-hour Battery Backup Unit so your phone services work properly if the power goes out. We charge a standard, modest $1.95 maintenance fee to handle the ongoing maintenance and replacement of your battery, as needed, unless you chose to opt-out.  As of February 13, 2019, you may upgrade to a $5.95 maintenance fee for a 24-hour BBU.

Question Mark Icon  I don’t have Fiber services. Will I be charged? 

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silver icon - A No. This only applies to customers who have fiber-optic based phone/internet.

Question Mark Icon  Is the $1.95 or $5.95 BBU Maintenance Plan required?

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silver icon - A No. You may opt-out of having any BBU Maintenance Plan fee.

silver icon - A If you opt out, then you will be totally responsible for any ongoing maintenance, upgrades and battery replacement costs.

Question Mark Icon  What are the risks if I decide to opt-out of having the BBU monthly maintenance coverage? 

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silver icon - A If you choose not to pay the monthly battery backup maintenance plan fee with your fiber-optic phone (and Internet services), you take the risk of your phone services not working during a power outage. However, ITS Fiber highly recommends you have the BBU maintenance plan to avoid paying for a replacement battery, a replacement unit or the cost of installing either of those.

silver icon - A If you opt out of having the monthly $1.95 or $5.95 fee, then you will be responsible to pay ITS Fiber for the battery replacement at the current retail prices or for repairs, if required. All batteries purchased from ITS Fiber are under manufacturer's standard warranty.

silver icon - A The current fees for a replacement battery from ITS Fiber are:
$29.95 – 8-hour battery
$179.95 – 24-hour battery
$119.95 – 8-hour battery + Installation
$279.95 – 24-hour battery + Installation

silver icon - A The current fees for a Battery Backup Unit (case) w/new battery from ITS Fiber are:
$79.95 – BBU w/8-hour battery
$239.95 – BBU w/24-hour battery
$189.95 – BBU w/8-hour battery + Installation
$359.95 – BBU w/24-hour battery + Installation

Question Mark Icon  If I opt-out of the BBU monthly maintenance, how often do I replace battery? 

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silver icon - A If you maintain and replace the batteries yourself it is recommended that you replace the battery every 2 to 3 years or when the indicator light on the unit shows that it is low or out of charge. Also, keeping your unit in temperatures above 41 degrees F and below 104 degrees F helps maintain battery life.

Question Mark Icon  I have a contract with you. Do I still get this fee? 

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silver icon - A Yes. If you are in bundle service agreement for fiber telephone and/or high-speed Internet, you will be charged the $1.95 fee for an 8-hour battery backup unit by default unless you choose to “opt out”. The upgraded 24-hour battery backup at $5.95 is an option and you need to request it.

Question Mark Icon  What is included in the BBU Maintenance fee of $1.95 or $5.95? 

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silver icon - A New fiber customers or customers upgrading to fiber services receive an installation of an 8-hour Battery Backup Unit (BBU) for no additional charge to standard installation fees, if applicable.

silver icon - A BBU Maintenance Plan includes:

  1. Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of unit as needed
  2. Replacement of faulty/defective unit
  3. Lifetime battery replacements*
*Lifetime battery replacement for as long as customer subscribes to ITS Fiber services.