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ITS Fiber Customers
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Niki Norton, President/Owner of N2 Architecture + Design

"We're extremely happy with our transition to ITS Fiber. Now we have our phones, our Internet, our IT, our server, all with one company that is always available. ...

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Customer service is amazing. They have excelled our production on our end of it, held up their end of the bargain with speed of the Internet and phone service and it has enhanced my business over the years. I highly recommend ITS (Fiber) services for small businesses, large businesses, even individuals."

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Bruce Boyd, Principal at Precision Contracting Services

"We have 9 offices across 4 states, ITS offered us a better solution than our previous providers by being hosted and managed with quality and capable people that go by their president's direction of Noticeably Better. ...

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The one thing that really stands out noticeably better from previous service we had is ITS Fiber's service and support. All the key technical folks out at ITS Fiber are knowledgeable, very experienced in multiple platforms and expedient in response. They had a plan when we first went to deployment and we were up in half a day. ITS Fiber just makes it easy which is very important for a business owner that we're not wasting a lot of time in deployment of these systems. If you're doing a transition, it's literally a plug and play and that is one of the reasons ITS Fiber is Noticeably Better than the other options out there."

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Dave Uszenski, Former Director of IT Operations at Martin Health Systems

"I've worked with ITS Fiber for the past 10 years. They're a great partner for Martin Health. ITS Fiber is able to provide local community service where the big companies can't provide that level of personalized service. ...

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When I need something and I called a bigger company, like the AT&Ts, Comcast, or anybody huge out there that would normally serve a company our size, it could take 90 days to 6 months get anything done. But with ITS Fiber I've gotten things done in 3 days. That's been remarkable.
ITS Fiber makes me look really good in my job. I'm able to get faster service with a phone call away. I don't need to talk to any robots on the phone. If I call, I get a person that will get me to where I need to go. It's a level of personal service that you don't get anywhere else.
ITS Fiber has a great data center that they maintain. I send Martin Health's data to ITS' back-up services so if we have a disaster we know our valuable information is safely stored off-site. We trust ITS Fiber and their team with our data as a back-up. I know where my data is all the time and how it's taken care of. Their data center services are top notch.
They provide great primary ISP services and great telephony services. Martin Health uses all these things with ITS Fiber. It's very easy to do business with ITS Fiber and their staff.
I would highly recommend ITS Fiber and their services for any local business and any far away businesses that can take advantage of their services. ITS is a growing company that has a lot to offer."

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Steven Zingman, Residential Customer

"ITS Fiber's service is "the best, period" and I have never had another service that is as reliable and works like ITS' does. My service didn't go down at all during Hurricane Irma and when it finally did, it was my own personal equipment that had the issue, not ITS."