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Our team will consult with you to suggest the best level of fiber-optic network connection for your business and budget. Blue Stream Fiber provides a variety of best-efforts speeds and enterprise-level dedicated broadband to fit how your company uses the Internet.

Fiber Internet starting at $69.95*

Our reliable business fiber internet has download speeds from 100 Mbps up to 1Gigabit. Speeds fast enough to keep up with the pace of your company.

  • Reliable and lightning-fast fiber optic internet service
  • Download speeds up to 1 Gigabit, Upload Speeds up to 250 Mbps
  • 24/7 personalized, dedicated local customer service
  • Great value and comparable pricing to competitors

Download up to

• Upload up to 50Mbps

• Ideal for 1-3 users

Download up to

• Upload up to 100Mbps

• Ideal for 4-5 users

Download up to

• Upload up to 200Mbps

• Ideal for 6-7 users

Download up to

•Upload up to 250Mbps

• Ideal for 8+ users


Symmetric Fiber Internet starting at $149.95.*

Symmetric Internet speeds from 100/100 Mbps to up to 1 Gig/1 Gig are available for our best-efforts Business Internet. Symmetric Internet means you have the same upload and download speeds allowing you to be more productive with using cloud services, uploading large documents, or other daily Internet-related tasks.

Up to

• Equal upload & download speed

• Ideal for 1-4 users

• File sharing, basic Wi-fi needs

Up to

• Equal upload & download speed

• Ideal for 5-6 users

•Frequent cloud computing and file backup

Up to

• Equal upload & download speed

• Ideal for 7-8 users

• Server hosting, video conferencing

Up to
1 Gbs/
1 Gbps

• Equal upload & download speed

• Ideal for 8+ users

•Multiple server hosting; heavy online backup or video needs and near-zero interruptions

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* Offer available to new Blue Stream Fiber business customers only, excludes existing Blue Stream Fiber business and existing Advanced Cable Communications business customers. Two-year agreement required. Prices stated do not include modem lease fees, any applicable installation fees, taxes, surcharges, franchise fees or other assessments. Speed stated is the maximum up to download speed only. Many factors aect speeds and actual speeds may vary. See Blue Stream Fiber 1 Gig support page for details on 1Gig internet service. 1 Gig speeds available to business in all Blue Stream Fiber serviceable areas.