Underground Symmetrical Fiber Internet

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Our team will consult with you to suggest the best level of fiber-optic network connection for your business and budget.  ITS Fiber provides both best-efforts and enterprise-level dedicated symmetric broadband to fit how your company uses the Internet. In addition, when your needs change or your business expands, bandwidth can be easily adjusted to an upgraded speed level.

Symmetric Fiber Internet*

Symmetric Internet speeds from 100/100 Mbps to up to 1 Gig/1 Gig are available for best-efforts Business Internet and customized speeds are also available for companies requiring a dedicated Internet connection. Symmetric Internet means you have the same upload and download speeds allowing you to be more productive with using cloud services, uploading large documents, or other daily Internet-related tasks.

What is dedicated Symmetric Fiber Internet?*

An ITS Fiber dedicated broadband connection is a premium, direct fiber-optic path over which data is transported. This means you have 100% guaranteed bandwidth at the same speed level all the time (like a T-1, only much faster). These connections are ideal for larger businesses where privacy or an increased speed of transmission is needed. Multiple branch offices and municipal buildings are familiar examples. 

*ITS Fiber Business Internet not available in all locations.


Symmetrical speeds

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