3 FREE Months Internet Service for New Internet Customers*

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During this time of the COVID-19 emergency, ITS Fiber is prepared to help connect low-income families to the Internet at home. New ITS Fiber Internet customers who meet the requirements*, will receive 3 FREE months of 50/50 Fiber Internet Service or up to 25/3 DSL Internet Service. This will be available to qualified low-income households in the Indiantown Service Area. Must sign up for 3 Months Free Offer by May 20, 2020.

ITS Fiber understands it is vital for Indiantown residents to stay connected to the internet – for education, work, and personal health reasons.

To find out if you are eligible for the Lifeline program click here.

To sign up for the 3 Free Months of Internet, please click here for the ITS Fiber New Service Application.

Please call Customer Service after you have completed both applications: 772-597-2111.

*For qualified new customers the meet certain eligibility requirements.


Q1. Am I eligible to get 3 months of free internet?

  • You may qualify if you:  
    • Are a new internet customer. (Current ITS customers with phone service only are eligible)
    • Live in an area where ITS Fiber Internet Service is available.   
    • Are eligible for the Lifeline program. This means you qualify for public assistance programs like the housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others
    • Have no outstanding debt to ITS Fiber.

Q2. How do I get the 3 free months as a new customer?

To see if you are eligible for the three (3) months free, you must first fill out the Lifeline application or already qualify for the Lifeline program. Click here to fill out the Lifeline application and see if you qualify; you may contact ITS to help. If you are approved on the Lifeline program, you will be eligible to get the three (3) month free internet promotion from ITS Fiber. After the promotion ends, regular rates will apply. The regular, current rate will depend on whether you have 50/50 Fiber Zymmetric internet or DSL service and any additional services. Monthly charges would begin after the three months (90 days) unless you disconnect your new internet service. Must sign up for 3 Months Free Offer by May 20, 2020.

Q3. What are my next steps?

Once you have filled out the Lifeline Program application form (see question above) and you are qualified, you will then need to fill out the ITS Fiber application below for new internet service installation and you will receive the free three months (90 days) internet promotion.Must sign up for 3 Months Free Offer by May 20, 2020.

Please contact us at 597-2111, or email csr@itsfiber.com after you have completed both the Lifeline and the ITS Fiber New Service Applications.