Free Month of Internet

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First Month of Internet is FREE! + Get $10 OFF per month*

If you’re tired of your current internet provider, get the most reliable home internet and best Wi-Fi experience!

Try out our symmetric** bandwidth with speeds up to 1 Gigabit for seamless video streaming, working or learning from home and using all your smart home devices.

What Internet Do You Need?
200/200 - Moderate internet surfing and using up to 5 Wi-Fi devices
500/500 - Ideal for streaming up to 7 Wi-Fi devices, working or going to class online
1Gig/1Gig - Best for gamers, heavy streamers and 10 or more Wi-Fi devices Switch today!


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Fiber Internet

  • It’s Fast. Fiber Optic Internet from 200 up to 1000 Mbps**
  • It’s Symmetric. Same upload and download speeds
  • It’s Reliable. Underground connection to your home.

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DSL Internet

  • Internet from 6 up to 25 Mbps***
  • High-Speed Internet with no data caps
  • Reliable, noticeably better customer care

Get your free month of Internet today!
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*New Year Offer is valid for new internet customers or current customers who upgrade to 200/200 or higher speed and requires two-year service agreement. $10 off internet is for first 12-months of service. Standard monthly internet charge begins in month 13 of two-year service agreement. Monthly discount and free month will be shown as a credit on customer bill. Other restrictions may apply. Fiber internet speeds may not be available in all areas. Offer ends March 31, 2021. Call for details 772-597-2111 or email