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Introducing Home Security Systems

Now Available Through ITS Fiber

ITS Fiber is committed to bringing you the best in cutting-edge technology through our products and services. That’s why we’re excited to announce ITS Fiber is offering home security systems by Group One Safety & Security.

A home security system powered by Group One provides the latest security features, smart technology and comfort when you’re home or away.

Home security starter package as low as $199.00.

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Why Choose A Local Home Security Company?

Home security can be a very personal matter for families. This is why it is important to be selective when it comes to choosing the best company to install and monitor a Home Security System.

There are many nationally-known security monitoring and installation companies out there to consider, but choosing a local family-owned business can offer some unique advantages that translate into a better experience for YOU and your family.

Advantages A Local Home Security Company

silver icon - number 1 Customer Satisfaction is #1 Priority.

Local companies are usually made up of other “locals” who operate more like a family and keep the success of the business in the forefront of their minds. A primary part of that success is really caring for clients and putting the emphasis on keeping them satisfied.

silver icon - number 2 Dependability and Reliability

In general, most smaller, local companies like, ITS Fiber and Group One Safety + Security, hire employee teams who have a good track records of delivering a higher standard including the right ethics. They have to rely on their reputations in the community. So being more dependable, reliable and giving quality workmanship is very important to them. You, the customer, then enjoy the benefits of having a local security provider.

silver icon - number 3 Personalized, Responsive Attention

Customer Service begins with personalized attention. It’s a great bonus when you can be more familiar with the people you may need to contact for support your security system. Calls to a local company are more likely to be directed quickly to someone who will assist you with your questions.

When you are searching for a home security company and value, quality, reliability and personal service are important to you, then consider using a LOCAL provider over a national one.