Managed Wi-Fi

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Managed Wi-Fi Support Plan - Starting at only $7.95* per month

Plan Includes:

Prompt Comprehensive Remote Support Fix most issues with a phone call and no waiting on a technician

Remote Assistance with Connection of additional wireless devices

FREE CommandIQ Mobile App to self manage your Wi-Fi network

FREE Repair or Replacement of ITS provided equipment

*Upgraded support plans with additional features, Wi-Fi extender equipment, and benefits are also available. Click here for more info.

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What is Managed Wi-Fi?
Why do I need Managed Wi-Fi from ITS Fiber?

No Lag Using Multiple Devices

Today, almost every device in your home needs a solid Internet connection including computers, smartphones, tablets and smart home products like doorbells, lights and security systems. By getting the combination of our super-fast ITS Fiber Zymmetric Internet and our Managed Wi-Fi Plan or Premium Tech Support Plan including our our 804 Mesh satellite, you will have a Wi-Fi network capable of handling over 100 wireless devices.  Upgrade to our Smart Home System with advanced-level GigaSpire router and have capacity to support up to 200 wireless devices.

Seamless Mobility

Having managed Wi-Fi and mesh technology reduce the possibility of a dropped or degraded Wi-Fi experience when moving from place to place in your home. You’re automatically and seamlessly switched to the best connection.

Optimal Wi-Fi Performance

Sometimes Wi-Fi networks can be significantly degraded causing your devices to perform poorly. The good news is, our Managed Wi-Fi helps maximize the performance of your home wireless network by helping eliminate areas with low or no Wi-Fi penetration and reduce other interference present in an around your home like thick walls, microwaves, baby monitors, or even your neighbors’ Wi-Fi.

Saves You Money vs. Purchasing from a Retail Store

There’s no expensive upfront cost for our router and extender unit (we call them satellites). Similar solutions at retail stores are usually $300 or more and you may have to purchase more “extender” units than you need. Instead you pay a low monthly fee.

We support the equipment we provide you

If you use another Wi-Fi solution, we can’t support it. However, there’s no need to buy new or additional equipment since ITS provides you remote tech support and automatically handles software or equipment upgrades.

We Create a Secure Network

We provide the best-on-the-market wireless equipment with the current standards for Wi-Fi security including: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy – most widely used protocol in the world), WPA/WPA2 which protects unauthorized network access with password protections, and MAC address filtering that allows the control of what devices have access to your Wi-Fi network.

We have your back with our noticeably better tech support

Our local, professional remote tech support combined with our state of the art software, allows us to quickly resolve most Wi-FI issues in a few minutes with a phone call. Our software is so advanced that many Wi-Fi issues will be resolved even before you call.

Control if You Want It 

The Command IQ Mobile App allows you to change your own network password, add a guest network, or enable parental controls. If you want this flexibility, you have it!

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