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Need to Work from Home? Need to Work Remotely from Your Office?

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MaX Meeting 
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Get MaX Meeting FREE until June 30.*

Due to COVID-19, more and more companies need employees to work from home or have the ability to meet and work remotely while at the office. ITS Fiber understands, so we are giving both our current and new ITS Fiber Cloud Voice (or Internet) customers our web video conferencing service, MaX Meeting, FREE until June 30, 2020. MaX Meeting can be integrated with our Cloud Voice service and can be used from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Don't have or need ITS Fiber's Cloud Voice? Max Meeting can also be used as a standalone video conference service.

MaX Meeting Free Offer:

  • Free web video conferencing service
  • Can be added to our Cloud Voice Service or purchased separately
  • Free until June 30, 2020
  • Variety of options – tiers for meetings from 4 up to 100 participants


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What our customers say about MaX Meeting (formerly Accession). . .

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“It is so easy to use. I can be video conferencing with several of my fellow employees as quickly as I can dial their phone number.”

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“Due to the nature of our company, we’ve had to come to the office during this COVID 19 crisis. I was really worried about ...

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... having contact with others and maintaining 6-foot distances. Since our company set up everyone on MaX Meeting, we’ve been able to eliminate all in-person meetings and have even increased our productivity. MaX Meeting is like working remotely while still in the office.”


"Working remotely has taken on a whole new meaning for us since we implemented MaX Meeting. I can now engage in video conferences with all of my colleagues and customers from my desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPad and all of my other smart devices. I can join a large video meeting or simply have a one on one, face-to-face no matter where I am at or what I am doing.”

“Since our company began using MaX Meeting as our primary contact platform, I am seeing my fellow employees more now than I ever! I can’t believe how it’s developing our work relationships and chemistry as a team.”

“It is so beneficial how MaX Meeting fully integrates with our ITS Fiber phone system and Outlook. No more having to learn multiple platforms and apps in order to conference with fellow employees and customers. With MaX Meeting I can have a video conference with anyone, anywhere.

“Combined with my Accession App, Max Meeting has made me far more efficient than in the past. With the “Presence” function I am now able to see the status of all my fellow teammates before I interrupt them.”

“Scheduling meetings with Max Meeting is just as easy as setting up a meeting on my Outlook Calendar. What a world of difference scheduling a video conference versus just a conference phone call. It’s also easy for my invites to participate by just clicking on a link even though they don’t already have the Max Meeting App.”

“I was a little intimidated at first when I saw all of the features that Max Meeting has, but due to the fact that the screens are so intuitive, in just a few minutes I was able to set up meetings, share files, do white board presentations and take full advantage of this feature rich app.”

Here’ are tips on working remotely from your home or office using this conference and collaboration solution.

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*Regular pricing from $9.95 - $19.95 per month/per user depending on tier of video conferencing chosen.

**MaX Meeting can be used as a standalone service if customer does not have ITS Fiber Cloud Voice service.