What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi is simply expanding the reach of your existing Wi-Fi Network for better signal coverage throughout your home and even in your yard.

How Can ITS Fiber Improve My Wi-Fi Coverage?

The easiest way to get a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home is by providing you with an additional access point, called an 804 Mesh satellite or upgrade to our advanced GigaSpire router. The GigaCenter router is our standard router that works seamlessly with the 804 Mesh extender unit to increase your Wi-Fi network coverage. The access point unit “meshes” with your GigaCenter to do this, which is why this is called a “mesh network”.

Get the Support You Need When You Need It.

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Make your life easier by purchasing either our Managed Wi-Fi Support Plan or our Premium Support Pan

Let ITS Fiber manage and troubleshoot your home wireless network while giving you maximum signal coverage throughout your house and optimal performance for a better Wi-Fi experience.

Jeff Leslie, President & CEO, speaks about ITS Fiber home services