Noticeably Better ITS Fiber Support

One of the primary benefits of being and ITS Fiber residential customer is working with a team of LOCAL people. Imagine speaking with the same person each time you have questions or need technical support and having a dedicated account manager. We’re proud of our professional staff and the NOTICEABLY BETTER service they give.


Battery Backup - For Fiber-Optic Services
If you have fiber services with us, you have been provided a Standard Battery Backup which should power your phone for 8 hours during a prolonged power outage. There is also a modest BBU Maintenance Plan fee we charge to service, monitor and replace the battery in the unit when needed. We also offer a 24-hour battery option. Click this link to learn more about your BBU and our BBU Maintenance Plan.

Standard Phone/Internet Services and Power Outages
Standard copper service customers are automatically powered for phone service. Customers with our standard services (not fiber) should have phone service despite a power outage. However, make sure you have a CORDED telephone. Cordless phones need power. A corded phone will always work as long as our network is up an running.

Hurricane Season Information
We have an Emergency Communication Center available. ITS has the ability to provide a Contact Center for those who may need to do an emergency phone call or send emergency emails and have no way to do this due to an electric power outage at their business or residence. Please go to our new sales center located at 15931 SW Warfield Blvd. if you need this type of service.

Our network is underground. It was designed to survive during hurricanes and during HURRICANE IRMA, our NETWORK WAS STABLE AND DID NOT GO DOWN during the storm. Customers who had electric power were able to use their ITS phone and Internet services, computers, and power their cordless phone. (Standard corded phones will work without electricity - see above)



Contact ITS 
with your questions:

Customer Service:

(772) 597-2111
1-888-888-6242 or

Tech Support:

(772) 597-4140 
1-877-882-TECH (8324)

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Tech Support + Repairs

We strive to provide the most efficient service possible. We realize that service difficulties will occur despite our best efforts to avoid them. Use this contact info:

Repair 611 or 772-597-4140
On evenings, weekends, and holidays, calls will go to our 24-hour call center.


Service Calls

If your phone or Internet problem cannot be solved over the phone, a technician will be dispatched to your premises to determine whether the problem is in your equipment or in the telephone line.

If the problem is with ITS equipment, there is usually no charge for the service call. If the problem is iwith your house wire, jack, telephone equipment, or computer, you will be billed a service call charge, unless you are subscribed to one of our support/maintenance plans. If inside wiring repair is needed, and you choose to have ITS repair it, you will be charged at the current hourly rate.

For information about our Technical Support/Maintenance Plans contact a Customer Experience Representative at 772-597-2111

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Contact Us To report issues or get questions answered about your ITS Fiber residential services, please call 772-597-2111.