Residential Tech Support Plans

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Tech support and equipment plans for phone, Internet and Wi-Fi available for a low monthly fee.

Residential Tech Support Plans

Wired Support plan Button

Tech Support Plan

$4.95 per month

(Covers inside phone/Internet wiring and jacks only)

FREE Service Calls
to your location by ITS Technician to identify the source of  inside wiring issues only.

FREE Repair
of inside wiring and modular jacks.
Covers both phone and Internet inside wiring.







managed Wi-Fi Support Plan Button

Managed Wi-Fi 
Tech Support Plan*

$7.95 per month

(Advanced support for your Wi-Fi network)

Prompt Comprehensive Remote Support of Wi-Fi
Most issues resolved in minutes

Remote Assistance with Connection
of additional wireless devices

FREE CommandIQ App
to self manage your Wi-Fi network

FREE Repair or Replacement
of ITS provided equipment***





Premium Support Plan Button

Tech Support Plan*

$9.95 per month

(Advanced Tech support, maintenance, and extended Wi-Fi coverage included in one plan)

of the Wire Support Plan included

of the Managed Wi-Fi Tech Support Plan included

FREE Technician Service Calls
to identify the source of phone, Internet
and/or Wi-Fi issues

FREE Wi-Fi Extension Unit (804 Mesh)**
Extend the Wi-Fi signal in your home

Best Value

* Non-fiber customers may have some limitations of support or features. ** Additional access point unit that meshes with your router to enlarge your Wi-Fi network. Also covers repair and replacement of defective unit. *** Covers GigaCenter or TP Link router.

Steaming TV tech support Button

Streaming Video 
Tech Support Plan

$7.95 per month

Prompt Remote Support
Fix most streaming TV issues with a phone call
and no waiting on a technician

Technician Home Service Call  
Only if your issue can’t be handled remotely.

Streaming Services and Apps Consulting
We can help you decide the best Streaming App solutions, and help with basic usage of Steaming TV.

Save on Streaming Device Set Up 
Save up to $196!
Recuced fee ($50 per device) for set up of steaming video device(s) or Smart TV (up to 4 devices)


Ultimate tech support plan Button

Tech Support Plan*

$14.95 per month

(For customers who want the ultimate support and coverage for all services, including streaming video)

Full Tech Support
of all voice, internet, Wi-Fi
and streaming video issues

of the Premium Tech Support Plan

of the Streaming Video Tech Support Plan



Smart Home Support Plan button

Smart Home System
Tech Support Plan*

$19.95 per month

(The ultimate tech support for all services, plus an upgraded Wi-Fi router and Smart Home Hub)

of the Ultimate Tech Support Plan included

Upgraded GigaSpire Router
the world's most powerful router for maximum
home Wi-Fi coverage

Smart Home
Hub capability

Best Value

*Non-fiber customers may have some limitations of support or features. 

For complete Terms and Disclaimers of all Support Plans click here.