Top 10 Reasons You Need ITS Fiber Business Services

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silver icon - number 1  We Give You Fiber.

Work at the speed of light!
That’s what fiber-optic Internet connected all the way to your office gives your business ...

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lightning fast, incredible, reliable broadband speed.
Work is more efficient. Employees stay productive. Bosses are happy. Some providers claim they have “fiber-optic” Internet. Guess what? We really do"

silver icon - number 2  We’ve Got History.

Serving Martin County for over 80 years, 
ITS Fiber (originally known as ITS Telecom) was one of the 13 original telecommunication companies in Florida. Now those are deep roots in the community.

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Our experience in the telecom industry has led us to where we are today – a technology leader that will help improve your business communications both today and tomorrow.

silver icon - number 3  Symmetric Speeds.

Symmetric* Internet from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit) 
ITS Fiber offers your business this next level of Internet performance that you won’t find with other local providers *.

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Why do you need Symmetric Internet?

  •  Increased productivity using the Internet
  • Essential for productive use of cloud services
  • Faster upload of LARGE docs
  • Faster data backup
  • Maximizes use of many wireless devices in office
  • Improved Wi-Fi experience
  • Improved Video Conferencing
  • Supports and enhances cloud voice (hosted) phone systems 
*Equal Internet upload and download speed.



silver icon - number 4  Gigabit Internet!

Why is Gigabit Internet important? 
Data. Lots of it. And, it keeps growing.

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Today’s companies need “more” Internet capacity to support everything from cloud backup to large in-office wireless networks. Isn’t it good to know there’s a provider in your area that has Gigabit capability?
(By the way, ITS Fiber was using and deploying fiber communications years before “Google” provided fiber Internet.)

silver icon - number 5  Underground Network.

Can you afford network failure? 
We don’t think so. That’s why we built our network underground, end-to-end and connected to a secure data center.

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We believe the best Internet service in the world isn’t worth a dime if it’s down all the time.
Our robust underground fiber network also utilizes multiple broadband service paths and has been built for reliability during hurricanes or storms*. Your business can feel safe and confident if your Internet service is with ITS Fiber.

*Many factors can lead to interruptions of Internet service during hurricanes and storms including, but not limited to, loss of power or destruction of customer premises. Although the ITS Fiber network has been specifically built to provide reliability during extreme weather conditions, we cannot absolutely guarantee no interruption of service during such events.

silver icon - number 6  Our Voice is the “Cloud”.

Are you ready for a change?
Hosted Cloud Voice is not just a trend anymore.

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ITS Fiber Cloud Voice is a modern, advanced, attractive phone solution for companies who want:

  • Flexibility-Add users or locations easily
  • Convenience-Great for multiple locations/remote workers
  • Mobility-Make office calls anywhere, anytime from any device
  • Voice Clarity-Fiber Internet gives our cloud voice system the ultimate quality
  • Reliability-Our system works out of our own secure Data Center
  • Expertise-We’re a seasoned (80 yrs) telecom provider, not a start-up
  • Low Upfront Cost and the latest technology

silver icon - number 7  Better Cloud Solutions.

Take advantage of “future” solutions, today!
The way you work is changing. Why purchase costly hardware/software today when the work environment of “the future” is here now?

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ITS Fiber provides cloud solutions that really work due to the direct connection of our fiber network with our own commercial data center. It’s almost like having a data center in your own office. ITS Fiber Cloud + Managed IT Solutions:

  • Lower operating cost
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Reliable service
  • Highly Skilled IT team
  • Flexibility to grow your business

silver icon - number 8  We’ve Got Your Back(up).

Are you prepared for a business disaster?
Don’t have a disaster recovery plan? We can help.

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Our data center is built to survive hurricanes and storm-related threats like flooding.
ITS Fiber Data Center is an ideal location for backup server hardware and data recovery because it’s connected to our underground, redundant fiber-optic network.

silver icon - number 9  We’re Local.

Get to know us by name.
Face it. The service and support your business needs are hard to come by.
Not with ITS Fiber.

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How many communication providers can say their customers ask for specific technicians or service representatives by name?
We can. We’re here in Martin County waiting to serve you.

silver icon - number 10  We’re Noticeably Better.

Our mission benefits YOUR business.
We promise to be noticeably better than our competitors. That’s our mission.

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ITS Fiber is laser-focused on serving local companies like you. In fact, we’re obsessed with giving over-the-top quality and caring service to our customers.

Contact ITS Fiber Business Sales at 772-597-3423 or for additional information.